bluestoplights (bluestoplights) wrote in dontwaitletsgo,

icon texture pack #001

You can click on the preview to download the .zip or here.
Let me know if you want them uploaded individually/wherever else for whatever reason and I will! :D

My first texture pack! It seemed really intimidating to make one at first but honestly it's so much fun?? And I have wayyy too many textures downloaded (I think around 3k? And that's just the icon ones and not the 3k other full-sized ones oops) as is so I figured it was about time for me to make some, lol. This is mainly just me screwing around with paintbrushes, but I've always really loved paint textures so I thought other people would too. :D

- Credit isn't necessary
- Comments aren't either, but they are vastly appreciated
- Please don't take these and credit them as your own or repost these without credit.
- Feel free to watch this comm if you like my icons or my textures.
Tags: !icon textures, !textures
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